About Us

Brookside Barber Stylists has been a fixture of the Brookside neighborhood in St. Louis Park for 35 years. In 1998, proprietor Steve Glasper purchased the shop, which has since attracted a loyal clientele of people from all backgrounds, cultures, and traditions.

Steve’s vision for Brookside builds on his memories of childhood days when barbershops were a hub of community activity, a gathering place where people of all ages felt they were part of a larger family. At Brookside, not only will you get a great haircut and top-notch services by a skilled barber, but you will be welcomed with a smile, as part of our family.

Brookside is currently staffed by five barbers, who cut all types of hair and provide full services as described on our Services page.

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Recent Testimonial

“Do you remember the slogan for the TV show Cheers, ‘The place where everyone knows your name, and they’re always glad you came?’ That’s what Brookside Barber Stylists is like and why I continue to go there. I walked in the first week Steve owned the shop many years ago. I always feel so welcome and appreciated, like part of a family. I will be a customer at Brookside until they decide to close the doors. Hopefully, not for a long time.?”


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